The "Warm & Cozy"  Sanctuary IS saving lives!
 Unlike other Shelters in  Dover-New Phila, we are a "No-Kill" facility. Dogs that are not adopted will not be euthanized. Only critically injured, suffering beyond repair, or aggressive dogs-who  have been unsuccessfully socialized for adoption, will be euthanized. 
We started renovations onour building, and acquired a second structure on property to allow even more rescues, but these changes on both structures will be extensive and will take many months/years (depending on funding). Currently, we feel that "beautifying" the structure is not as important as keeping our dogs/horse healthy, sterilized and vaccinated. There is no need to spend large sums of money on a glamorous building, when there are so many animals in immediate need. Our 20+ dogs are happy, healthy and loved. Our NEW indoor kennels are very large (10ft by 5ft / 10ft by 20ft) and cleaned daily. We DO NOT "crate" our dogs unless for transport. The outdoor roaming area is about 1 acre, and dogs roam freely about in this exercise area daily:) They love it.We DO in fact need funding to insulate, drop the ceiling, and put 3 new doors in our building. We HAVE acquired another building at our same location on an additional acre of land, and we need 1500 ft of posts and toprail to erect our second enclosed acre for horses to romp and graze. We already have the chain link. 4 stalls will also be built in second building as well as an indoor training arena- (2015 goal).
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