Fundraisers are required in order for OWC to run a great pet assistance program! Thank you for aiding pets in need!!


Expert NRA trainer Woody Wilson is famous for his expertise in weaponry and hand to hand defense. His classes go "above and beyond" your average CCW class. An animal lover himself, Woody donates all proceeds to our dog rescue/shelter. 

*Home invasions are UP 10,000% in the last 7 yrs. 
BURGLARY is when homeowners are NOT home. INVASIONS are when criminals KNOW you are home and come in anyway. These bad guys are ALWAYS armed. YOU SHOULD BE, TOO. Call 330-364-7190 to enroll (Classes of 20-50)
Woody Wilson on right

$50.00 per registry        
Leave with certification document after class




                                   N.O.M.A.D. Returns
Once again,  Dr. Laura Miller will be expertly sterilizing 30 cats. Stay tuned for next event with NOMAD. 2500 hundred+ cats have been successfully sterilized to date by Dr. Miller!) Cat owners will be offered this low-cost event every month of the year.                  
             Sept 29th 2019 in New Philadelphia
                             Males $55  Females $65  
                            ($10:00 pregnancy fee)

              10 female openings remaining   
                9  male openings remaining

      Registration begins on Sept 1st

ENROLL: call 330-364-7190 
*Those who have signed up MUST confirm apts. on Sept 28th before 8:00pm. Thank you
SURGERY DAY: Cats are to be brought to location at the specific time appointed during enrollment process. Males are done first. Surgery takes place in the order that they arrive, Cats will recover for three hours before returning home. After the second hour, we will notify cat owners that they have one hour to collect their cats.
*All cats must be in proper carriers. Please put owners name AND cats name on top of carrier with masking tape. If you do not own one, OWC will provide you with one on the day of surgery. All carriers provided by OWC will remain with OWC at the end of the day. Thank you
                              Bynn Cline helping with an event!!!!



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