Your Donations  Have Helped Save Area Pets!
Our 501(c)(3) Non-Profit could not exist without the help from caring people like you! 
OWC receives calls DAILY for: Pet Food, Doghouses, Dog Rescue.(WE ACTUALLY RESPOND TO ALL OF THESE CALLS and offer assistance when possible.
*On 2/10/15, OWC paid $400.00 to have a chain of mammory cancer removed from Zoey, a chow mix.  She was also sterilized and vaccinated.
Zoey's family was being wrongly accused of neglect/abuse for a naturally occurring cancer and OWC stepped in to help disprove this accusation, as well as prolong Zoey's life. Her cancer was successfully removed by DMV Jeffrey Baranack of West Side Animal Hospital in Alliance, OH.
*He reduced the surgery cost by 50%. We are very grateful to him and his staff 
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver aid to area pets & animals in need. Thank you, Julie Tripodi.
 *We Need:
  • Cash Donations for Fuel, Propane. Pet Food, Straw, Vet bills, and Animal Sanctuary repairs2015.
  • Volunteers for fundraiser events 
  • Kuranda Dog beds http://www.kuranda.com
  • 20 feeding buckets
  • Dog houses
  • Carpenters to build 4 new horse stalls/tac room in our recently acquired second building which will be strictly for area rescued horses.
  • Dog Beds, Bowls (20)
  • Dog collars & Leashes
  • New dog brushes
  • Dog, Puppy & Cat food (constantly needed!)
  • Pick-up trucks (for straw & doghouse delivery)
  • Neighborhood watch: (treatment of family pets &livestock)
  • Straw for outdoor animals in the community
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Trash Bags
  • Tide, Clorox
  • Towels
  • Be-a-Buddy" Sponsors- for shelter dogs (only $10.00 /month)
  • Sponsors for the Spay/Neuter Day!

Send Checks to:
Operation Warm & Cozy INC.
437 Esther Court NW
New Phila, OH 44663
Thank you! (button currently active)
All donations are, and have been, tax deductible since July 6th, 2009. IRS documents(for tax deductions) Please ask for tax form if needed:)
     Thank you,
    Julie Tripodi
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