To adopt a pet, there will be a fee of $175.00. 
Puppies, Purebreds, Puppies and Pitt Bulls will be $200.00. (explanation provided upon inquiry).
A pre-adoption
questionnaire must be filled out, as well as a contract upon actual adoption
Follow-up visits will be mandatory. All dogs will be spayed/neutered.  We are against breeding.
Our dogs will have been given the necessary vaccines for kennel living. All other vaccinations will be left up to individuals due to the many controversies surrounding the adverse effects of these inoculations. OWC dogs are always Rabies/DHLPP vaccinated by a licensed vet before adoptions.
We will NOT adopt pets to families who intend to keep dogs chained outdoors/ crated for extended periods. Dogs WILL be removed from home without refund if this occurs...... immediately.
Volunteers, foster Moms and Dads are needed. You may also be a "Buddy" sponsor to any dog that remains in the shelter for  $10.00/month.
All adoption fees are considered a donation, and are also tax deductible/non-refundable.
WE DO NOT ACCEPT CATS OR KITTENS. WE HAVE NO FACILTY TO HOUSE THEM. WE ARE VERY SORRY FOR THIS INCONVENIENCE. Cats are available for adoption by calling 330-364-7190, but are fostered at private affiliate homes.
*We DO offer  low-cat spay/neuter year round to aid in prevention feline over-population. OWC has prevented millions of unwanted felines from being born in Tuscarawas county by spaying and neutering 120+ cats per year since 2009.
More OWC dogs/cats available via petfinder.com and adoptapet.com
(Vet health check and a $50.00 fee IS required before OWC will
take in owner surrendered dogs) Please remember,
OWC will be absorbing the cost for the care of your surrendered pets! An owner surrender contract must be filled out at time of surrender/adoption.
Successfully Adopted Dogs: 453

These dogs are available at the "Warm & Cozy" Sanctuary :  

Apollo: Adoptable-9 months old, no other dogs no children. A stay at home caregiver is needed (at least for now). He was nearly starved to death at one point. Apollo is gaining weight and behaving himself so well since he has been at our facility!! He is GREAT on a leash/walks!!

Tina 8 yr old boxer:ADOPTED

Dazi_ Purebred female German Shepherd w/papers 2 yrs old. House trained. No other animals please. Available 120 lbs


PIGGY is available for adoption-Boxer mix. Spayed/house trained.



Sasha (Bull Terrier mix) is available for adoption!- house trained, super sweet. Perfect pet for ANY family:)


Daxx: Adoptable.

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