The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
-Mahatma Ghandi

"Dear readers
I am being accused of TRESPASS and THEFT. I've DENIED the charges in a court of law, but events leading up to these charges have strategically been "left out" of the newspaper.

July 30th, 2016-Female tenant at apartment complex calls the Tuscarawas County Humane Society(TCHS) to report two young dogs in neighboring apartment that were not being cared for.
July 31st-Male tenant at the same apartment complex calls the TCHS to report neglect of the same two dogs.
Aug.4th & 5th-Female tenant calls the TCHS again because no one responded to her first call on July 30th.
Again, no response.
Aug.9th-A man repossessing dog owner's vehicles hears two dogs whimpering in an apartment. He smells foul odor and sees mail overflowing from mailbox. Tenants in surrounding apartments say the couple who owned the dogs have moved. No dog licenses have ever been registered for the two dogs by said owners. County auditor confirms this.
Aug.9th-Repo-man walks in Dover Police Department to report abandoned dogs. Police tell him they will not follow up on dogs.
Aug.9th-Repo-man calls Operation Warm & Cozy(OWC) President Julie Tripodi about dogs.
Aug.9th-Tripodi talks with 3 tenants who say the couple had moved to North Dakota. Couple had remained in N.D for 30 days + until hearing of upcoming court case.
Aug.9th-Tripodi has tenants call landlord. Landlord promptly arrives and has permission to enter apartment to check on dogs. All claims were accurate. The dogs had no food/water and apartment was empty. Wet and dried feces were covering the bare apartment floor. Dogs were extremely hot to the touch and underweight. A decision between landlord, two tenants, Julie Tripodi and a volunteer from OWC made the decision to get the dogs to a safe location and get them cooled off, fed and seen by a vet.
Aug 11th-Dover police officer/TCHS Humane Officer, Samuel J. Hitchcock appears with a warrant to take dogs from OWC Shelter and issue citation for theft and trespass.
Aug 11th-Tripodi asks Hitchcock why he or the TCHS staff had not responded to calls made about the dogs. He said, "I was out of town".

I am now facing a year in jail, but plan on fighting these charges to the end.
OWC still has 10 dogs and a senior horse in our shelter.
Send donations to:
OWC Inc.
3706.5 Seibert Hill Rd SW
New Philadelphia,OH 44663" or scroll down for Pay Pal button

                                     Two abandoned pups

*See "EVENT" page for Conceal Carry Weapons Class
All proceeds go to OWC No-Kill Sanctuary. 
Next classes:
Call 330-364-7190

Beeber was taken in at 6 months old and had lived in Operation Warm & Cozy (OWC) shelter for exactly 5 years before Charles R. of Scio, saw our "Hot Dog" and "Save a Life" ads. He then made a visit to the shelter and met Beeber. Since that day, two lives are now changed for the better. Charles served in our U.S. Navy from 1942-1946 and is now 93 yrs old. After suffering the loss of his wife and soon afterwards, his beloved dog "Pepe" of 14 yrs, Charles told Julie Tripodi, founder of Operation Warm & Cozy Inc, "Finding Beeber has saved my life". Charles's friends and relatives agree, and now he and Beeber are inseparable. 

Our current wish list
cash donations for shelter rent/operating expenses
2 50 ft propane tube (hanging) heaters
Dry Straw bails
Brooms/dust pans
Paper towels
canned dog food (we use 28+ cans per week)
dry dog food
senior horse grain
pet wipes
lawn mower/bladed weed cutter
sweepers (hoover,etc)
current expenses for spray-insulating entire building
propane propane propane ($800 bi-monthly during winter months)
electric ($500.00 per month) during cold months


Mia came to us at 6 months old, super timid and nervous. Her owner no longer wanted her.
Mia at 6 months
Today, (after being adopted 3 1/2 yrs ago by patient & caring people), Mia is a competitive Dock Diver and one of the top therapy dogs at United Community Hospital in Grove City, OH. She also participates in the childrens library program in Meadville. She has made a big difference in many lives. Way to go, Mia & family!!!!

 *OWC does not run operations from Facebook!
Please call 330-364-7190 to enroll in any services that we provide, report animals in need or inquire about adoption.
We DO step in to rescue cats/kittens when the case is life threatening and when possible. Kittens/cats are NOT housed at our dog/horse sanctuary, but placed in affiliate shelters when space is available until permanent homes can be found. 
Please scroll down to enroll in our low-cost cat spay services through the "AWESOME"
                 NOMAD INC.  (offered once a month)
  September 22, 2016 SPAY/NEUTER
               4 females needed                 6 males needed

 *Alternates may still sign up to fill in any cancellations that may occur from 8:30-9:00 pm on the night before scheduled eventspm
 *OWC adds a slight service charge to NOMAD prices to cover the cost of sterilizing 2-5 cats that have been rescued by OWC each month

FEMALES  are $65.00 (fee includes pain injection ONSIOR)
MALES      are $55.00 (after service fees applied)  

SEPT    22ND
OCT     13TH
NOV     28TH
DEC     19TH


Must Call 330-364-7190 to sign up!!
OWC does not work from Facebook


           Rusty has been adopted after nearly 4 yrs in our shelter:)

Stella and Tucker (both senior dogs) were also dumped in rural areas last year and both are in loving homes after recovering in OWC Dog Sanctuary.

Stella & Talia

IKE AND MAYTAR have been adopted after nearly 4 yrs in our shelter. Both in different homes but doing wonderfully:)

("Thank You" to everyone who participates in this program:)
FREE Doghouses AVAILABLE FOR PICK- UP. Brand new and built to PETA specifications.
 (OWC has supplied 144 dogs with free doghouses)

Need donations of STRAW NOW always! 

2,176 straw distributions have been made to outdoor pets since Jan 2008 by OWC
                             2015 delivery to outdoor pets
Mr. Ped was dumped on a property (tied to a tree) in 90 degree weather when the residents were on VACATION! He was in bad shape. The home owners found him upon returning and called OWC after another local Humane Society said that if THEY picked him up, they would simply take him to the sale barn- which means "take him to slaughter". That is NOT rescue! We built him a very nice area and 3 years later he is doing GREAT at 31 years old. He has been showered with love and attention ever since we received his loving soul. We adore him.


All tax deductible donations go directly to the care of sheltered & rescued animals. Donations fund our rescue efforts. There are NO paid employees. Aside from veterinarians, all care givers who work with OWC animals are strictly volunteers. 

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